personas jugando videojuegos para ganar dinero

Ways to earn money playing video games 2024

If you love video games, you should know that they have become a prosperous and millionaire industry, thanks to the number of followers. These are no longer just a way to entertain, but have opened spaces at the labor level in areas such as design, communication, computer science, technology and even the world of gambling and internet monetization such as monetizing videos on social networks and streaming. We are not going to tell you that it is easy, obviously it requires effort, discipline and creativity for you to be different from others and in case you are a tutor or tricks seller, people want to buy you. The thing is that it is not impossible, with new technologies in full bloom and in full trend, it is easier to prepare yourself as a professional gamer, which makes it easier for people to know you, to interact with them, but also to look for you and somehow help you to generate income. Many streamers such as Argentinean streamers and female streamers turn to video games as a way to increase their already established earnings.

If you want to make money playing video games, you must make this a constant, so you can see the results. So if you like it, do not give up or give up at the first defeat, get ready and you will see that you can live from your passion, in this case video games.

Sound familiar? We tell you how to make money playing video games in 2023, here are some recommendations, take note and put them into practice as soon as possible, you will not regret it:

Streaming on Twitch or Youtube

Here players have the opportunity to stream their games live and also to rebroadcast them. These generate income through Twitch bits or donations from their viewers, as well as subscriptions, advertisements or sponsorships. If you have your channel, take advantage of it and work to become one of the referents of the topic and make people want to watch you. We encourage you to register in Streaming, a platform to monetize your Twitch or Youtube channel if you dare.

Competitions and tournaments

Making an online competition or tournament is also a lucrative way to take advantage of your passion for video games, if you get good teams or sponsorships, you could dare to give cash prizes, these are usually the most striking and people are encouraged to participate with high registration fees.

Create content for YouTube

Not only on YouTube, the creation of content on platforms and social networks, can make you monetize that content, if it is interesting and you manage to be creative. So think about it because it is a good way to make money playing video games. Remember that monetization is done through advertising, brand and product collaborations and even through YouTube’s partner program. Look for what can differentiate you from others who offer the same as you, what almost nobody talks about, what almost nobody teaches, or look for new ways to present it to see how it goes. Surely very well!

Video game creation

If you are a developer, or a specialist in programming or design, try to venture into this world. (It would be a good professional career, so if you don’t know what to study and you like it, it could be that way), look for companies that are in charge or dedicated to this work, write to them, offer yourself as an intern, visit the company if possible, and investigate who is leading in this area in the market and how they work, surely this will be your input and will help you when looking for a space.

Creation of mods and customized content

There are games that allow the creation of mods and custom content, that gives the opportunity to generate income by creating and selling mods, maps or custom items, depending on what the customer asks for. For this start by having a super cool and original image, that attracts people who will want to know you and what you do. Showing yourself professional and neat is still used and generates confidence.

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Video game testing

There are many companies that pay for you to test their videogames, so if they need tester you can be one of them, you will provide feedback on the games and they will pay you for that, which would be great, if you like the subject, because you will test the games before their release, being able to recommend improvements if you consider them necessary, or giving ideas if you come up with something for the game.

Being a trainer or tutor

You can offer services as a coach or tutor in order to help other players improve their skills. You can do this in person or online, you will surely get people because many are willing to pay to improve their expertise in the game and much better if they pay someone who is an expert on the subject and that generates confidence because it has a good promotion, so start promoting yourself through networks and gamers groups, this sooner rather than later will bring you results.

Creation of guides and educational content

If you create guides or content related to video games you can offer your services and earn money. Writing e-books, recording online courses, offering consultancies, even game tips, can become a good economic income, that yes, research well what people want and offer your services specializing in that. You will surely have good results.

Sponsorships and promotions

If you are a good player and get someone to promote you or if there are products that you can promote and thus gain recognition and money, do it, you will not regret it, contact companies or people with whom you want to make collaborations, do not assume that they will say no, the idea is that you ask and make a proposal for promotion, maybe without proposing it you are what they are looking for.

Sell your tricks and weapons

There are people who pay to buy shields, weaponry, implementation and even tricks of their favorite video games, so if you are an expert take advantage and sell what you can to generate income. Of course you must promote first and generate an expectation so that people want to know what you sell. Remember that if you sell in packages you can manage a better price for the customer, but you will sell more, you will also gain reputation in this area and surely every time you will be sought a little more.

As you can see, making a living from video games seems more and more possible, if you believe it and you work hard, you can achieve it, take it seriously and the people around you will notice it and will also take you seriously. So do not wait any longer to start billing in the field of video games you should start right now, because it is a long way, but increasingly demanding and demanding.

Want to start monetising with Streamion?

It's very simple: sign up, choose the brands you want to collaborate with and start earning money.


Video games are today an option to generate money, remember that more and more people are betting on these as a way to earn a living, there are more championships, bigger prizes, in short, there is more movement. So if this is what you like, make a work plan and start structuring your passion so that it represents income, if you have discipline, any of the options we give you here can be a good start, try it!

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