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Para streamers

Streamion is a streaming and VOD adserver that integrates advertising into your streamings without the need for cuts.

On the one hand, we assist streamers in making a living from their hobby. They can monetize their live shows and turn their hobby into a career.

On the other hand, we assist brands in reaching an audience they were previously unable to reach.

Once you sign up for our platform, our team will verify that you meet some basic requirements, as we do not (YET) operate in all territories and require a minimum of average viewers for each live stream. This way, we guarantee that you won’t launch ads without being compensated. This process could take up to 48 hours.

We collaborate with all of the top agencies and brands on the market.

You can choose the brands with which you want to work based on your interests and if they are relevant and related to your target audience.

All of your campaigns can be controlled and managed from your Dashboard.

The ad will appear during your live show without interfering with your streaming. You can place it wherever you want, and your audience will still enjoy your live broadcast. A link to the brand will also appear in the chat.

You can currently launch ads on Twitch, but we are working on making other streaming platforms available.

We don’t want you to launch ads without getting your reward, so we have some requirements.
These criteria are based on the fact that we do not yet operate in all countries and that we need a minimum of average viewers per live stream.

A cost per view is assigned to each campaign.
And, just like that, you will earn money based on the number of live viewers who see each ad that is launched.

Easier, faster, and more comfortable.

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