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Twitch Names: Get your Original Streamer Name!

Being on Twitch is to be in fashion, the platform with more than 26 million daily active users has taken content creation to another level and more and more people want to join to “turn on the stream”. On Twitch you can be whoever you want, from showing how you are the best at FIFA, to doing live reactions to the best videos of the moment, there is sure to be an audience waiting to see you. But success is not guaranteed for just anyone, you must be original and know how to gain views. For that, the first thing you have to do is to find a name that captures the essence of your personality and that makes others identify with you. Then, as a streamer you must do everything in your power and time, if you want to become a professional streamer.

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How to create an original name for Twitch?

Not easy… right? Don’t get overwhelmed, no famous streamer got their codename right away and just like you, thousands of people are thinking about a catchy name right now. Here we give you a hand and we leave you some key tips for you to find that fantastic user that will make your Twitch gaming account take off 100 percent.

Think about your personality, style and channel

Before coming up with your name it is important to think about who you are going to be on Twitch, what your style will be like, what your channel will be focused on, will you be monetizing on Twitch, is that your main goal, is that your main goal? Take some time to make an outline of what you imagine your profile will look like, this will help you come up with important characteristics for your name. For example, if your channel will be dedicated to sports, if it will be based on a particular genre of video games or if it will have a characteristic color that represents you.

Anything that you feel represents you and what you want to communicate is valid, remember that the more original you are the more reach you will achieve, all this must resonate with you (there is nothing more original than that, there is only one version of you in the world and that is you) So define well the pillars that you want to show to the world of the stream.

Make a list of keywords

Now that you’ve defined the characteristics of your channel, it’s time to translate them into keywords that you can use in your name. It might help to write down things that come to mind when you think of your channel or ask your friends and family to help you describe yourself in words and use them in this list. Don’t limit yourself in the length of options, the more you have the more likely you are to reach that dream username.

Combine keywords

It’s time to create! Based on the list of keywords, you can now look for a combination that you like and that is attractive for your username. Try to use different words that represent valuable things about your channel. You can mix two or three words and/or phrases that generate a new catchy phrase. Make it fun and take as much time as you need to find various combinations, remember we are looking for original names that will connect with your future followers.

Play with words

Still can’t come up with a good combination? Maybe you are playing safe with your blends, dare to create nonsense words or words composed of letters that generate striking syllables and sound funny. Make up your own word game because there are no rules here. You can also try with words in different languages, this will give you more options and you can play with some funny rhymes or phrases.

Simple to remember: one or two syllables

Don’t be too clever either! While we’re trying to make it original, don’t go for a long or difficult to read name either. It has to be something memorable and simple, nothing more than three basic syllables. Simple is more appealing and will make it easier for your followers to find and identify you on the stream platform and identify with you.

Avoid putting meaningless numbers

You can add numbers to the words, but be careful, they must be chosen logically and not randomly. Make the user memorable to you and personalize it even more. You can use your favorite number, your birthday or a number that represents something particular about your channel. Numbers will make your user even more different, but if you have the opportunity not to use numbers it will be even better.

Check if the name is available

Ready, you got it? Excellent, now you just have to verify that the name you chose is available to use as a user on the Twitch platform. When you register, you will be able to verify this on the page, which will tell you if someone else came up with your idea first. If so, try with other options you liked until you find the user availability.

Test your name with those closest to you to get their opinion

Now that you have your original Streamer name, it’s time to get it out there and test it out among your family and friends to see if they like it and if it’s a true representation of your personality and your ideas for this new entertainment channel you want to run. You are now a Twitch director and it’s important to see how the people closest to you in your circle accept your new pseudonym on this network. Ask them to rate it from 1 to 10 to see how catchy it is, you can also show them your top 5 options until you find the one with the highest score among all of them.

Remember that while the name should represent you, it should also be accepted by others, so don’t miss this opportunity to test in confidence how your channel name sounds to your first fans.

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8 best name generators for Twitch

If you have come this far and you still can’t find something special for your Twitch name, don’t worry because there are thousands and thousands of username generators on the internet that can help you find what you are looking for, here are 8 options that will make you lose your mind with their options.


This page has many filter options to create random names. Depending on the category you choose, it will ask you for a series of data to be more precise with the name you are looking for. In addition, it shows you how popular this pseudonym might be in your country.


This username generator is based on your personality, your tastes and your hobbies. It also allows you to use keywords in the filters to get closer to your idea.


This website offers you to create names from a fantasy reality, so you will have many options to try. From creating a name with a vampire or elf essence, to even generating names of fantastic places like galaxies or kingdoms. You are sure to have a lot of fun with this site.


This platform uses your user idea to check availability on different social networks and web domains. So you can go here once you come up with an amazing name that you feel represents you.

Screen Name Generator

It is a generator that uses an endless number of adjectives from its database to give you the ideal username. You only have to add a suffix or a prefix that you want your name to express and Screen Name Generator will show you random combinations that join your ideas.


With this tool, you choose a word you like and then a category from the generator. It will then show you options composed of your word with names or things from the category you chose.


It is a page designed to create anything at random, from your username to geographical addresses and soccer teams. Have fun generating a name starting from just one letter, as this website will have millions of options to show you.

Cool Name Ideas

Create your username based on your likes and words. Surely one of the most used to find that unique and easy to remember name.

How do I know which names are available on Twitch?

We recommend that, if you are thinking big and want to be known all over the internet thanks to Twitch, you should consider the possibility that this user also serves for other social networks. This way you will have much more reach in the stream world and it will be much easier to recognize you on different websites. Before creating your account, make sure that the username you finally chose is available on Twitch. For that, there are also great search engines that allow you to validate your name all over the internet, showing you if what you want is available or not on the biggest streaming platform.

Try these free portals that check the user availability of different platforms on the Internet.

Instant Username Search: In this page you will be able to enter your username in the search engine and it will show you if it is available or not in different social networks.

BrandSnag: With this tool you can not only verify users but also domains and websites that are available for your username.

Want to start monetising with Streamion?

It's very simple: sign up, choose the brands you want to collaborate with and start earning money.


Finding a Twitch username is never easy, but it is undoubtedly one of the most important things to take into account in this Stream platform, that is why in Streamion we have narrated this article thinking of you. A name should be fun, original and capture the essence of what you want to transmit. Congratulations if you found that name you were looking for to start with everything in the Twitch stream world, now that you have this ready it’s time to start enjoying live streaming your favorite things and wait for a fandom to come for you.

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