vstream que es cómo hacerlo

What it is and how to become a VStreamer

AuronPlay, Coscu, Delded, JuanSGuarnizo, Rubius and TheGrefg are some of the Streamers who have decided to be part of this new entertainment model, recognized mainly for live broadcasts. Content creators about videogames, current affairs, lifestyle, culture, gastronomy and fashion become alternatives that cover different tastes.

But what is this online entertainment modality that has managed to increase its success after the pandemic? Who belongs to it? Vstream is not only setting a trend as a modern alternative for entertainment, but it is also capable of monetizing many amounts if it is done with a good strategy, becoming a business that generates large figures per hour.

In today’s article we will talk about Vstream or Virtual Streaming, how can they be created, what is needed to become one, what is the difference between a real Streamer and a virtual one, and much more… Let’s get started!

What is a VStreamer?

A Vstreamer or virtual streamer is a streamer who creates entertainment content for the audience that follows him, interacting with them during a live broadcast. The big difference between a Streamer and a Vstreamer is that the latter does not show his real face to the audience, but is a fictitious avatar. This type of multimedia content is usually offered through web platforms, social networks or video games such as: Youtube Live, Facebook Gaming, Twitch, Livestream, Vimeo.com.

Nowadays we can see how vstreamers are growing in number and designing very creative virtual representations that in some cases can even mimic movements and reactions.

And you will say, where are the VStreamers? The most frequent streams that a vstreamer performs on any platform are online games, sharing experiences, comments and tips about them, just chatting, etc. For a VStreamer to be successful, he/she must have a large audience that follows him/her and consumes his/her content on a regular basis.


 How to make a VStream

Any user is capable of making a Vstream or Vtube, as it is also known, but to do so, you must take into account a number of factors, for example, choose a good topic with which you can develop content of interest to its users, preferably a topic in which you consider yourself an expert. It will also be essential:

  • Be dynamic in front of a camera and have no stage fright.
  • Have charisma to attract and catch users who enter and consume your content.
  • Have the ability to develop a personal brand that allows you to differentiate and stand out from the rest.
  • Know what kind of information and content users want about the chosen topic.

At a technological level, certain elements are also required, such as a telephone, notebook or pc of a medium or high range so that the quality of the transmission is not lost. In addition, it is a plus if you have headphones, a good quality microphone and internet that works optimally. Keep in mind that the audience will be watching you through an avatar and it is essential that they disconnect as little as possible.

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A VStreamer will require quality software to perform your live broadcasts. There are many paid and free options on the market, each with their pros and cons, ready to suit different needs. Among the favorites are: OBS Studio, Streamlabs, XSplit, Vmix, Gamecaster, Twitch Studio that offer various benefits, features and power.


Once the software has been defined, the next step is to choose the platform. To choose the platform, it is necessary to know the type of content to be transmitted and the characteristics of the audience to be reached. There are many options: Twitch, Steam, USTream, along with those mentioned above, are among the most used.

Avatar creation program

Creating an avatar that makes an impact is important. Think that your viewers will remember you by your avatar. There are many free programs to develop avatars or virtual models in 2D or 3D, among which stand out: Bitmoji, Facebook Avatar, Zepetto, FaceQ and AR Emojis.

How to become a Vstreamer?

Being a Vstreamer or Vtuber is becoming one of the most common practices among teenagers, young people and adults. There are no age limits for those who want to dedicate themselves to it. So if you want to stand out, it will be essential to have characteristics such as: be charismatic, patient and stay informed about the topic offered by the audience.

vstreamer emitiendo vstream

Although in the beginning, many Streamers begin to develop as amateurs, as time goes by they decide to take it as something more professional, in this case it will be necessary:

Create a brand

The best Vstreamers are recognized because they have made their name a brand. Platform profile and social networks will be some of the fields to be covered in order to create a presence among users and potential sponsors.

Investing in your equipment

It will not be the same to have a team with technology to create amateur content, than for something more professional. At this point all the details count and it may depend on it whether or not users stay enjoying the content.


This is a key factor when starting in the world of Vstream, many want to achieve overnight success and when they do not start seeing results immediately leave it aside. It should be noted that consistency, patience and discipline make the difference, even to engage in the creation of live content.

Take care of your avatar image

Creating an avatar should be a fun process, where you can use specialized programs to give life to the visual appearance you want to achieve. Clothes, hairstyles, eye colors, hair shape and color are many details to cover, the most advisable is to take care of the avatar and apply a differentiating element.

How to create your avatar for Stream

There are no limits when it comes to creating an avatar to belong to the Streaming world, it may or may not be related to the “real” features and personality of the user who will bring it to life, and that is precisely one of the first things that stands out in Vstreaming. Currently two types of animations are used to design these characters, 2D and 3D, each with its advantages and disadvantages, so the choice will be a matter of needs and tastes.

vstreamer avatar vs reality

In the case of 2D avatars, they have less expressions and realism, but still have a good animation effect. They are easier to make and most of their programs are free or have an accessible price, ideal if you are starting out as a Vstreaming and do not have much budget.

On the other hand, 3D animation has a higher level of realism, both in the character and the digital environment. It is much more attractive and innovative, however, the excess of details makes it a bit more complex, making the creation time longer.

Create a 3D avatar for VStream

Before creating an avatar, you must first have an idea of how this virtual character is going to look like. The creation process is quite simple, the first thing to do is to download the program that will design the user avatar, adjusting details such as hair color, eyebrows, mouth, eyes, skin, height, among others, as well as adding accessories and clothing until the desired appearance is obtained. 

A 3D avatar offers the ability to move as well as the user or Streamer does. The avatar will use its voice and gestures to give character to the character. Although at the beginning these avatars were made by professionals, nowadays accessible programs have been developed that facilitate this phase, especially for those who are looking for how to become a streamer

One of the most outstanding programs to make 3D avatars without having to be a professional is VRoid Study, a free tool where you can develop this virtual character from scratch, suitable to be used in any application, even for commercial purposes. Following this you will find other design and modeling options such as:

  • MakeHumanBlender
  • Dust3D
  • FreeCAD
  • 3D Slash
  • Tinkercard. 

Is a virtual streamer or VStreamer considered a real streamer?

A Vstreamer is still a Streamer with the only difference that it will use an animated image to interact with its community and communicate its content. Like Streamers, their image can be used for marketing purposes, being an animation representative of a brand. To do so, the Vstreamer must ensure that his avatar is copyrighted and legally acquired. 

Conclusión, which is the best?

This is a decision that will depend more on your possibilities and tastes. Each animation has unique technical and visual characteristics, so it is best to focus on what you want to achieve and if you have the necessary resources.

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