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Advertising: 20 Examples and How to Make It Viral 2024

It is very important to understand how advertising spots work and how they can be effective in increasing the visibility of a brand or product. That’s why, in this article, we will present you 20 examples of successful and creative commercials that have managed to capture the attention of the audience and be successful.

In addition, we’ll give you some key tips on how to create your own commercial with the goal of going viral in 2023. Let’s get started!

What are banner ads?

These are ads that are displayed online, through websites, social networks, search engines and other digital platforms. These ads can take various forms, such as banners, text ads, video ads, among others.

In addition, they have become an important tool for marketing and advertising specialists due to their ability to reach a broad and targeted audience.

What are they for? Benefits

Advertisements seek to capture the attention of the audience and persuade them to take an action, such as buying a product or service, visiting a website or following a brand on social networks. Here are some of their benefits:

Increases brand visibility

Advertising helps companies increase brand awareness by reaching a wider audience. When effective advertising techniques are used, a company can improve its visibility and stand out in a saturated market.

Increases sales

It can help increase a company’s sales by persuading consumers to buy its products or services. Effective advertising can help consumers understand the benefits of a company’s products and services, which can motivate them to buy.

Customer loyalty

By keeping customers informed about new products and services, special events and promotions, companies can keep their customers interested and motivated to keep buying.


When a company uses effective advertising techniques, it can stand out from the competition and reach new potential customers. In addition, advertising can also help a company highlight the unique features of its products or services, which is ideal for differentiating itself from the competition.

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What does it have to have?

An effective banner ad must have several key elements to grab the audience’s attention and persuade them to take action. Here are some factors to consider when creating a banner ad:

Brand identity

The ad should reflect the company’s brand identity and be consistent with the image it wants to present.

A clear and concise message

It should communicate the message clearly and concisely. The message should be easy for the audience to understand and remember.

A call to action

It needs to have a call to action that invites the audience to perform a specific action, such as buying the product, visiting the website or subscribing to a service.

Attractive design

The ad must have an attractive and visually striking design that catches users’ attention and makes them want to know more about the product or service.

Characteristics of a good advertisement

There is a model that can work for you when you need to make an ad. This method is known as AIDA, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. But what does this mean? That an ad needs to attract attention, trigger Interest and make the user desire it in order to receive an action or a decision.

In conclusion, if you meet these characteristics, it is certain that your ads will be successful.

How to go viral? Best Strategies

person who creates advertisements with strategies

To create an effective advertisement, persuasive and creative techniques are used to stand out from the competition, as well as to attract the attention of the target audience. Here are a few ideas:

Authentic content

Authentic and original content can be highly engaging to the audience. If the content is original and has not been seen before, it is more likely to be shared.


Humor is an effective way to make content more interesting and memorable. If you can make people laugh, users are more likely to share your content with their friends and family.

Emotional content

Content that touches on the emotions of the audience, whether it is sadness, happiness, fear or any other emotion, can be very effective and make users want to share the content.


Telling a story can be an effective way to make your content make an impact.

Collaboration with influencers

Working with influencers who have a large following can be an effective option. Since, if an influencer shares content with their audience, they are more likely to reach more people.

Use of social media

They are an effective channel to make content go viral. If you use the right platform and do a good promotion, the content is more likely to have a lot of reach.


Innovation and creativity can be very effective in making content stand out. If you can create content that is fresh and surprising, you are more likely to get good results.

Dare to generate controversy about an issue

If a controversial or controversial topic is addressed, it is possible that the content will be shared. However, you should be careful when addressing sensitive topics and make sure not to offend anyone.

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20 Examples of successful and creative advertisements

mujer creando anuncios publicitarios exitosos y creativos

Coca-Cola – “Share a Coke”

This advertising campaign was based on the idea of personalizing Coca-Cola bottles with the names of the most common people. The campaign was a great success because consumers felt personally identified with the brand and were motivated to share a Coca-Cola with friends and family.

Apple – “Think Different”

This Apple commercial was launched in 1997 and focused on the idea that innovators and leaders in the world think differently. The campaign was a success because it helped create the image of Apple as an innovative brand and leader in its field.

Nike – “Just Do It”

This slogan became one of the most recognized in the advertising world. The campaign focused on motivating people to overcome their limits and reach their goals.

Old Spice – “The man with the powerful underarm muscles”

This Old Spice advertising campaign was a success due to its humorous and creative approach. The campaign featured the “power armpit muscle man” and his exciting lifestyle. The campaign was a success because it managed to grab the attention of the target audience and stand out among the grooming product ads.

Google – “The year in search”

This Google commercial features the most popular search terms of the year in a series of emotional videos. The campaign was a success because the brand was able to connect emotionally with its target audience and demonstrate Google’s ability to reflect current cultural trends.

Volkswagen – “The dark side”

This Volkswagen commercial focused on the dark side of the brand and how this related to the dark side of people. The campaign was a success after connecting emotionally with its target audience and standing out among conventional car ads.

Pepsi – “Defy the Impossible”

This Pepsi ad campaign features supermodel Kendall Jenner joining a protest and sharing a Pepsi to solve the problems. The campaign was a success due to its focus on inclusion and emotional connection with its target audience.

Dove – “Real Beauty”

This Dove advertising campaign focused on the idea that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. The campaign was a success because the brand was able to connect emotionally with its target audience and demonstrate its commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Geico – “15 minutes could save you 15% on your car insurance”

This slogan has become one of the most recognized in the advertising world, since it achieved success due to its humorous and creative approach and its ability to convey a simple and effective message.

Airbnb – “The world is your home”

This Airbnb advertising campaign focused on the idea that any place in the world can become your home. The campaign was a success because it stood out from conventional lodging ads.

Amazon – “Alexa loses her voice”

This Amazon commercial presented what happens when Alexa’s voice is lost and replaced by the voices of different celebrities. It was a success thanks to its humorous approach and its ability to show Alexa’s versatility as a virtual assistant.

Burger King – “The Whopper without ingredients”

This Burger King ad featured the Whopper without any ingredients to promote its commitment to eliminating preservatives, artificial colors and flavors from its products. The campaign was a success because the brand managed to stand out from conventional fast food ads.

Red Bull – “Gives wings”

This slogan has become one of the most recognized in the advertising world. The campaign focused on motivating people to reach their goals and overcome their limits.

Dos Equis – “The most interesting man in the world”

This advertising campaign featured an elegant older man who was described as the most interesting man in the world. The campaign was successful because it caught the attention of the target audience.

Cadbury – “Cadbury’s gorilla”

This Cadbury’s commercial featured a gorilla playing the drums to the beat of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”. In addition, this campaign was a great achievement due to its emotional approach.

Ikea – “Lamp”

This Ikea commercial featured a lamp that felt jilted and abandoned after its owner bought a new lamp from Ikea. The campaign was very popular after standing out among conventional furniture ads.

Pepsi – “Pepsi Max & Jeff Gordon – Test Drive”

This commercial featured Jeff Gordon posing as a car buyer and taking a car salesman on an extreme test drive. It was a hit because it stood out from conventional soft drink ads.

Guinness – “Surfer”

This Guinness commercial featured a group of surfers waiting for the perfect wave. The campaign was a success due to its emotional and creative approach, and its ability to connect emotionally with the target audience.

John Lewis – “The girl and the bear”

This John Lewis commercial featured a little girl and a bear on a trampoline. The ad was released during the Christmas season, making it a Christmas classic in the UK.

GoPro – “Be a Hero

This advertising campaign focused on the idea that consumers can be heroes of their own adventures and experiences. The campaign featured people performing extreme and exciting activities with a GoPro camera, which became a huge success.

Trends 2023

What are the trends you can implement in your ads? Find out here!

Augmented or virtual reality

Using augmented or virtual reality technology in your advertising campaign can be an excellent way to attract the public’s attention and stand out from the competition.


Gamification consists of creating games or challenges that involve users with the brand. This strategy can be very effective to increase audience participation and improve engagement.

You could try with games to play live as long as they are related to your brand and/or product.

User-generated content

Encouraging users to generate their own brand-related content can be an effective way to increase campaign reach and increase engagement. It is also known as UGC, a very popular phenomenon in 2023.

Content generated by artificial intelligence

Using artificial intelligence to create content such as videos or images can be an innovative and creative way to create ads that grab the audience’s attention.

Native advertising

Native advertising consists of running ads that blend in with the content of the website or platform on which they are placed. This strategy can be effective in making ads feel less invasive and achieve increased reach.

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Advertisements are a crucial tool for reaching a wider audience and increasing brand awareness. On the other hand, in a saturated market, it is important that companies strive to create effective and memorable banner ads that stand out from the competition and resonate with their target audience.

However, if you follow each of our recommendations, you will be able to make competent and super effective ads, making them a profitable investment in the long-term growth and success of your company.

If your ads are related to the streaming market, you could even reach your target audience by placing your ads on the live streams of known streamers, such as Argentinean streamers, Mexican streamers and female streamers. To do so, follow all the advice Streamion gives you in this article.

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