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Best 25 Streaming Ideas 2024

Are you tired of streaming for hours and hours without reaching the number of viewers you want? Do you spend all your time thinking of ideas of what to stream and nothing works? I’m sorry to tell you that every day there is more and more competition, that’s why you have to be an authentic streamer and a real content creator.

We know it’s not easy to generate ideas about what content to do, but whatever you do, you should always be in touch with your audience and generating creative content. But not everyone is. So, in this article we have compiled 25 ideas to do in your streamings – save this article!

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1-Show what’s behind the screen

Generally your viewers will have no idea what the behind-the-scenes of your streamings are like. Connecting with the audience nowadays is essential. For this reason, it is a good idea to show what your gaming setup, your pc, your console or even the whole venue looks like.

2-Organise a question and answer sessio

Many of your viewers know little or nothing about you, as they have only recently started following you. Organising an occasional question and answer session will help your audience get to know you better. In addition, it can spark conversation and you can give the audience a chance to give their opinions.

streamer realizando preguntas y respuestas

3-House tour of your home

Most followers love house tours. Showing the place where you live or work can be interesting for that audience that always likes to know a little more about you. However, never show information that could put your safety or private property at risk.

4-Teach about something you are passionate about

When you teach a hobby, or even show a passion for it, your viewers will love it and will be thirsty to learn more about what you like so much. But don’t get too carried away, you know: “too little is good and too much is tiring”.

5-Schedule your streamings at popular times

This can be helpful as long as your sessions are not monotonous and you can be spontaneous about the topics to be discussed or commented on.

6-Share your experiences on the stream

Given that there are a lot of people streaming, you can use your experience and what you know about the application and pass it on to your audience.

7-Use popular news

Even if your channel is not about gossip or news, it is always good to use tools like newsjacking to attract more audience.

streaming idea

8-Create tutorials

As we said before, your audience will love to learn about anything. So you can create tutorials about things you know how to do well. Keep them short and simple, otherwise they will be boring and you might lose viewers.

9-Interviews with contributors or other streamers

Interviewing the people who help make your streamings work can help you get to know your channel better and build audience loyalty. In addition, you will give them recognition and build their loyalty. On the other hand, interviews with known (and by this I don’t mean famous) streamers or people who make similar content can be very beneficial, gaining an audience for both of you.


People love to participate and feel part of it, so you can create questionnaires for them to answer. Keep in mind that they should be simple questions. No one likes to think so much in their entertainment time.

streamer realizando cuestionario

11-Cook something

If you like to cook and are not ashamed of your creations, you can show people how you do it. We all love food so people will enjoy this content.

12-Eat weird things

In some markets, such as those with Chinese items, you can find all kinds of food that perhaps no one watching your broadcast has ever tasted.  Buy several products in this style and try them live. Or even recipes with ingredients that may not make much sense. You never know, you might discover a new flavour that goes viral.

13-Ask probing questions

Ask deep questions for the audience to answer and then you. We all like to philosophise a bit from time to time and open up about who we are.

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14-Transmits IRL

IRL broadcasts are a way to show your viewers what your day-to-day life is like. You can go shopping, take your dog to the park, or any other activity you enjoy. But stop; never forget your audience.

15-Demonstrate something you are good at

Everyone has a talent, hidden or not, you don’t need to be a mega crack at it. Just show what your friends like you to do and you’ll be fine.

16-Play dress-up

Who doesn’t like costume parties? Choosing a good costume or cosplay and developing a session that revolves around that character can be a lot of fun.

17-Organise a raffle

The thrill of winning something without having paid for it, I assure you, will attract many people to participate. Moreover, here you can promote merchandising, products, be a brand ambassador…

streaming sorteo

18-Mindfulness session

Mindfulness is a tool for life that can provide calmness in our daily lives. By scheduling short mindfulness sessions you can attract an audience interested in improving their quality of life. You can also see it as a way to give back to your viewers, improving their quality of life a little bit.

19-Training session

If you are a fitness enthusiast or like to keep fit, you can show what you do in your daily training. If you are really good you can also do a complete training session.

entrenamiento en streaming

20-Make lists of your favourite things

This is a way to relate intimately to what your audience likes and dislikes. You can use food, games, recreational activities, music, or any other category. Don’t forget to make it participatory.

21-Inspire with others

To be creative you need to be inspired first. Today there are many content creators on stream. Therefore, I recommend that you take inspiration from them. Remember to be authentic, don’t copy others as your audience will notice it and it won’t be pleasant.

22-Proposes joint sessions

Streaming together with other content generators can be very beneficial for everyone involved. In addition to your audiences coming together, you can generate a lot of fun and unique content.

23-Challenge your audience

For example, you can collect many T-shirts of different sizes. For this, you are going to propose that, for every new follower, new subscriber, reward redeemed, or any other action you can think of, you are going to wear one more t-shirt. As time goes on you will wear more and more t-shirts. You promote interaction in your streamings.

25-Random question generator

There are question generators that will randomly propose questions to you. People will love the idea of getting to know the content creators better and it will help to increase the loyalty of your followers.

25-Resolve a puzzle

Although it may sound boring, many people love puzzles, and even more so if they can talk to someone while solving them. There are many styles of puzzles on the market, small, big, difficult, easy; it’s just a matter of choosing one that doesn’t take too much time. And don’t forget the audience.

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These ideas can help you have fun and entertain your audience. But they are not the only ones, you can even make a mix of them and achieve quality broadcasts. For example: with a costume, ask questions to other people. It may not lead to anything, but it still does. Always keep in mind that if your channel has diversity and seasonality in the creation of content it will be enriching for the audience and for you. In addition, we offer you a collection of ideas from the most famous streamers in the world.

Now, we recommend you to think about whether there are things that make sense or not. Since you are authentic, you are your personal brand. For example, if you want to become a streamer who talks about sustainability, it doesn’t make much sense for you to do a challenge that is totally contrary to sustainability. You must be clear about your values and vision of the channel. And with that, generate creative and interesting ideas for your followers. Test and measure repeatedly.

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