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The Evening of the Year 2024: How to Watch, Date and Fights

We have all heard about the evening of the year at some point. The information about its third edition is already available and Streamion tells you: where, when it will take place and who will be the streamers who will dare to get into the ring in front of thousands of spectators and on screens around the world. The most recognized streamers such as the Spanish streamers and famous streamers of the scene will join us in this new opportunity to show who is the best boxer.

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What is the Evening of the Year?

The Ibai Llaos Evening of the Year is an annual event organized by the popular Spanish streamer and artist Ibai Llaos. The event has become one of the most anticipated of the season and has brought together a large number of followers and fans from the world of streaming and video games. At first only streamers fought in the gala, but last year the list of participants included people from other fields such as the renowned singer David Bustamante.

This will be the third edition of this wonderful evening, which has become one of the highlights of the season. Last year was an absolute success: more than 12,000 people attended the live event and it became the most watched event on Twitch with a global audience of 3 million simultaneous viewers. The performance was accompanied by today’s hottest musicians such as Quevedo and Bizarrap, who added a touch of energy to the performance.

The difference is that this year the budget is 4 times bigger and the capacity of people as well. The evening of year 3 by Ibai Llaos will be an unforgettable night for those lucky enough to be able to watch it, but also for those who watch it on programs that twitch broadcasts.

¿Cuándo When and where does the event take place?

SiWhile last year’s event broke records in the stream on twitchand was attended by many people, this year it is expected to be a little bigger. Compared to last year, the Pabellon Olimpico de Badalona in Barcelona only held 12,000 people. In contrast, this year it will be held at the Estadio Metropolitano del Atletico de Madrid, where more than 68 thousand people can fit.

The event will take place on July 1, 2023 in the city of Madrid in Spain.

Attendees to the evening of the year 3 by Ibai Llaos will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique night. This evening has become one of the most outstanding events of the season and has contributed to the popularity of Ibai Llaos as an artist.

How can we enjoy this show?

To watch Ibai Llanos’ Year 3 soiree, it will be streamed live on streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube monetization platforms through Ibai Llanos’ channel. In addition, the organizers usually publish information on how and where to watch the event on their social networks and other communication channels.

For those interested in attending the event in person, there will be 60 thousand tickets available at different prices, although the proposal is an event that can be attended by people of almost any class. The tickets will be available from April and the values will be around 30 euros in the case of the cheapest ones, going through 50 euros for intermediate tickets and the most expensive ones reaching 100 euros. Anyway, we recommend you to keep an eye on the official social networks of Ibai Llanos and the participants to know the details of the event and how you can watch it live. You can also visit the websites of popular streaming platforms to be aware of any announcements about the live broadcast of the event.

Boxing Matches

The event consists of 6 fights in this new opportunity, in which in each of them, the rivals face each other for 3 rounds of two minutes each. During the fight, there will be commentary by Ibai Llanos and two other people, and the jury will be composed of 3 professionals of the sport.

It should be clarified that none of them are professional boxers, although there may be cases such as Shelao vs. Viruzz in which the participants have practiced boxing or are athletes, they do not do it professionally or constantly. For this evening the competitors will train for a period of 4 months. Some of them, like Coscu, will document everything by generating content for their social networks, so if you are interested in the event, you can check the competitors’ social networks to learn more about the event and how each of them are preparing.

The celebrities summoned for this edition of the evening of the year are recognized worldwide for what they do. There are streamers, tiktokers or social media content generators, youtubers and models. And despite this heterogeneity, the rivalries are very well planned so that the fights are even and entertaining for everyone.

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First fight: Papi Gavi vs. Ampeter

They are two youtubers with a very good relationship, but even if they get along well, that doesn’t mean they won’t want to win in this new epic evening.

Second fight: Rivers vs. La Rivers

Two girls with the same name but a different line of work. La Rivers, Mexican streamer and president of the Kings League and Rivers, a tiktoker with millions of followers but very little content in the streaming world.

Tercera pelea: Luzu vs. Fernanfloo

Both video game youtubers with millions of segThird fight: Luzu vs. Fernanfloouidores and reproductions. Luzu is a long-time participant in the Soiree of the Year, while Fernanfloo is a newcomer.

Fourth fight: Shelao vs. Viruzz

Shelao, the streamer who in addition to being a streamer is a model and practiced boxing and mixed martial arts, will face Viruzz, another old participant of the previous evening and who is also known as an athlete. Perhaps this will be the most intense and difficult fight. And surely the longest if neither of the two knockout their opponents.

Fifth fight: Amouranth vs Mayichi

Amouranth, streamer and model like Shelao, is the first person to fight in the evening of the year who is not Spanish-speaking, as she is originally from the United States. Her opponent is Mayichi, a Spanish streamer and youtuber well known for her video game videos.

Sixth and final fight Coscu vs. Germán Garmendia

Coscu, Argentina’s number one streamer and the renowned oldschool youtuber, German Garmendia, aka HolaSoyGerman, are going to give the main show. Chile vs. Argentina, and with their strongest exponents in terms of video games and streaming. The match promises to be very close and exciting, and fans expect both participants to give their best in the ring.

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In summary, the evening of the year in its third edition of Ibai Llanos promises to be a spectacular event that will combine the excitement of watching the world’s exponents with the adrenaline of live boxing matches.

It will take place on July 1, 2023 at Atletico de Madrid’s soccer stadium, the Civitas Metropolitano, with a capacity for more than 60,000 people.

For this new evening, there will be 60 thousand tickets available ranging from 30 euros to 100 euros. Also as in previous years, it will be broadcasted through Twitch from the account of Ibai Illanos, the creator of “the evening of the year”, and if by any chance you could not watch it live, you will have a recording uploaded shortly through YouTube on Ibai’s channel.

With the participation of some of the biggest names in the world of streaming and eSports, the evening promises to be a resounding success and a milestone in the history of events of this type, expecting it to once again break world records on Twitch.

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