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20 best extensions for Twitch 2024 Must-Haves

It is no secret that Twicht is gaining more and more strength and that is why it is essential to take advantage of it in the best possible way, since it offers several advantages and facilities. However, some people are still not sure what it is all about. So if you are not sure, read below some key facts you need to know.

What is a Twitch extension?

Twitch extensions are interactive panels and overlays that give the possibility to pioneer live streams. So they enhance the strweaming experience and the possibility to interact between viewers. In short, extensions allow you to create interactive experiences that work with the Twitch video player.

Types of Twitch extensions

Keep in mind that Twitch extensions give a variety of possibilities to Mexican streamers, Argentinean streamers, female streamers, Spanish streamers and anyone who is just starting out or is already a famous streamer. Generally there are two types of Twitch extensions, overlays and panels. The first is a visual design that is composed of different graphic elements, texts, images, transitions, icons, frames, etc.. All this design is placed over the live stream. It can also be adapted to other platforms.

As for Panels, these serve to put organized information so that they know more about you, and also make it possible to make a creative style that matches the line of your program or your personality. You will know that having a good name for twitch an original and creative is just as important as the extensions.

Designing it is easy because you just need to define your ideas for twitch, choose a design in some platform (like Canva maybe) and then edit your design by adding text, some shape or any graphic elements you want. You can also change the backgrounds. 

Remember that Twitch extensions help streamers interact.

Top 20 Twitch extensions

There are a few extensions that are top extensions for Twitch that you should be aware of. Here are some of them:


This is used to add new features and functions to the streaming portal. With this you can put emoticons, talk in group chats and improve the entire Twitch interface.

Snap camera

This is mainly used in video calls or live broadcasts and allows users to add filters and different lenses. Note that the option only works on computers that have downloaded the appropriate app.

Sound alerts

This extension allows viewers to play sound effects in your Stream by bits. In addition, it allows you to monetize through viewers, that is, the more views you have, the more you monetize.

Unwanted twitch

After installing it you will have the possibility to avoid watching channels, games or categories you don’t want. So you can cancel them with an X at the top right of the panels on different Twitch pages.

Twitch now

With this you can browse favorite games and streams. It keeps users updated and connected with Twitch and you can also keep track of how many Twitch accounts appear online, you will receive notification of favorite broadcasts online.


It is a live broadcasting service software. In addition, it offers an easy way to manage live chat. It also offers elements to put on the screen, such as alerts.

Twitch adblock

This extension helps you block Twicht TV ads, with this you will not see any ads while the video is playing.


It is a Chrome extension used by Twitch streamers and viewers to access a much larger library of Twitch emotes. Users can customize emotes and enable the use of other users.


It is a service designed to take advantage of the transmission, allowing you to configure alerts and view statistics in real time. In addition, alerts can be customized. It also processes donations through Paypal, choosing among several international currencies.

Opera evento

It is an extension that serves to interact and develop your community.

Overlay expert

The application overlays a form as a pop-up screen that is camouflaged in all the official content, so the user leaves the data on the overlay screen without noticing it, allowing that information to be vulnerable and reach cybercriminals.

Social raid

This is a system based on the game that helps to communicate in social networks. They help to have more or less points according to the virility of the actions.


It serves to create a calendar of events in Twitch, that is to say, this extension works as an agenda that will allow you to manage your schedules as best suits you.

Dynamic follow buttons

With this Twitch button you will be able to make a direct call to action on viewers in order to motivate them to follow other channels on the platform.

Twitch live

This is a site where you can broadcast live videos to your subscribers, make broadcasts and upload them to the servers so that your followers can have them available and watch them whenever they want.

Twitch DVR

This extension is not linked to Twitch, but serves to introduce a time bar that allows you to move through the broadcast.

Twitch favorites

In this one you will have to add your favorite Twitch users, which will automatically highlight your messages, in any Twitch chat.

Crow control

In this the audience exchanges bits for coins that they use to activate elements within a game, while the streamer is playing.


This extension has a wide range of overlays, emotes and panels for transmissions.

Amazon blacksmith

Although you can earn money with this platform, it is no longer enabled.

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How to install and configure extensions on Twitch?

Installing extensions for Twitch is really simple, you must take into account the following:

  1. Log in with your Twitch account.
  2. Select your profile and then select Creator Control Panel.
  3. Select Extensions in the left panel and search for “Lost Ark Armory”.
  4. To install the extension from the results page, click Install and you’re done.

Note that if you add an extension you will find it in the My Extensions list.

How do I know which Twitch extensions to use?

Before using any Twitch extension you should analyze the features of each one and what you really intend to do with it. Remember that the extensions offer multiple uses and it is a matter of choosing the one that best suits you.

These extensions allow you to create interactive experiences in the video player. The extensions help streamers to earn money, i.e. to monetize through their viewers.Streamion will help you with this.

Where can I find extensions for Twitch?

Finding extensions for Twitch is very simple, you can do it directly within the Twitch extension manager or on the individual developer site via the web.

How many extensions can I add to my Twitch channel?

In your Twitch channel you can add at most: 3 panel extensions, 1 overlay extension and 2 component extensions. That is, you can have a maximum of 6 extensions in total.

Benefits of using Twitch extensions

Note that Twitch extensions help streamers to have different additional capabilities, such as leaderboards, poll creation and even free overlays. Which optimizes live streams.

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It's very simple: sign up, choose the brands you want to collaborate with and start earning money.


Twitch extensions are very useful if what you want is to give a personal touch to your transmissions and to accommodate them according to your tastes in order to attract more people to your channel. So do not wait any longer and try the different extensions that exist and stay with the one you see that best suits your needs and obviously what you want to project. I’m sure that with practice, its use will become easier and the results will be more and more optimal and adjusted to your expectations.

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