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Commercial Salesperson: Essential Qualities for Hiring

The role of a commercial salesperson is a fundamental pillar in the success of any company. These professionals play their role in generating revenue and growing a business. However, not all business salespeople are created equal, and finding the right candidate will make the difference between success and failure. With this article, you will learn what a commercial salesperson is, the essential qualities they must possess, and the knowledge they must master.

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What is a commercial seller?

A commercial salesperson is a professional dedicated to selling a company’s products or services to customers or companies. Your main objective is to persuade potential customers to purchase the products or services offered by the company you work for. Work in a variety of industries, from retail to selling technology or professional services.

They are the face of the company to customers and make a difference in building solid business relationships.

What qualities should a commercial salesperson have?

As with any job, the skills and abilities to perform a job can be learned and developed over time. In any case, it is true that to be a successful commercial salesperson, one must have certain qualities in the person’s inherent personality, for example:


This skill involves the ability to immerse yourself in the customer’s perspective, thoroughly understanding their needs and concerns. Empathy allows the salesperson to establish strong, genuine connections, which in turn facilitates the delivery of truly effective solutions that accurately address the problems the customer faces. Furthermore, this emotional connection strengthens the relationship between the seller and the customer, and translates into greater trust and loyalty on the part of the customer towards the company.

Effective communication

The ability to convey information clearly and persuasively is a crucial component of your job. Effective communication involves not only conveying the features and benefits of the products or services being sold, but also the ability to do so in a way that resonates with the customer. This involves adapting the message and the form of presentation according to individual needs and preferences, to significantly increase the chances of success in the sale.

Listening ability

Listening carefully to what the client has to say is as relevant as talking. This skill allows the salesperson to ask relevant questions and, more importantly, pay attention to the customer’s responses. The information collected through this is valuable in customizing the sales approach and effectively tailoring it to needs and wants.


Sales can be challenging, and many times salespeople face rejection and obstacles. However, successful salespeople don’t let setbacks discourage them. Persistence drives them to persevere, learn from experiences and move forward with determination.

Orientation to results

A good commercial salesperson is focused on meeting and exceeding sales goals. They set ambitious goals and work consistently to achieve them.

Bargaining power

Business sellers must be skilled at negotiating terms and conditions that are mutually beneficial to both the company and the customer. This requires persuasion skills as well as a deep understanding of the needs and desires of both parties involved in the transaction.

What knowledge should you have?

In addition to the soft skills mentioned above, a business salesperson must also have in-depth knowledge of the products or services they are selling. The idea of selling something without knowing in depth what is being offered, how it benefits the customer and what the profitability is for the company is unthinkable. Therefore, a commercial seller must:

Thoroughly understand the product or service: Detailed knowledge of the features and benefits of the offering is essential. This understanding should go beyond a superficial description and encompass a deep understanding of how the product or service addresses specific customer needs and challenges. Additionally, it is crucial to discern how you uniquely differentiate yourself from competing offerings, which serves as a distinctive selling point.

Stay Aware of Market Trends and Industry Dynamics: The ability to monitor and understand current market trends is crucial. This involves not only recognizing emerging opportunities, but also addressing emerging challenges. This information allows for proactive adaptation of the sales approach as market conditions evolve.

Identify and thoroughly understand the profile of the ideal client

Such knowledge is the basis of an effective sales strategy. It involves not only knowing the needs and preferences of potential and existing customers, but also understanding the demographic and psychographic characteristics that define them. A personalized approach makes it easy to create offers and sales pitches that resonate with the customer on a deep level.

Present and demonstrate the product or service effectively

The ability to effectively communicate how the product or service will address the customer’s specific needs is vital. This involves highlighting the most relevant and persuasive aspects for each individual customer, highlighting the benefits that are most meaningful to them.

Be informed about the competition’s strategies

This not only involves knowing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, but also understanding how your own product or service compares in terms of value and benefits.

Master various sales closing techniques

The sales closing process is critical. A successful business salesperson must not only be skilled in a variety of closing techniques, but also be able to discern when and how to apply each of them to ensure negotiation success.

Use sales tools and technologies effectively

Knowledge and familiarity with sales tools and technologies, such as CRM systems, sales tracking software, and marketing automation platforms, are vital for efficient customer relationship management and optimization of sales processes.

Build lasting relationships with clients

Beyond the initial sale, it is also important to maintain and nurture long-term relationships. As a consequence, the generation of recurring sales and referrals is encouraged, which is essential for the sustainable growth of the business.

Understand key financial concepts

Understanding basic financial concepts such as profit margins, return on investment (ROI), and budgets helps them discuss the economic benefits of the offer effectively.

Manage legal and contractual aspects

In situations where it is necessary, having knowledge of legal and contractual aspects of business transactions, such as non-disclosure agreements, sales contracts and relevant regulations, is essential to ensure business transactions that are transparent and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Adaptability and willingness to learn

In a constantly evolving business environment, adaptability and willingness to learn new techniques and strategies is often what makes the difference. Commercial salespeople must be willing to adjust their approaches and acquire new skills to remain competitive and efficient in the market in which they are operating.

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A commercial salesperson is an invaluable asset to any company, but finding the right candidate can be a challenge. You must be very clear and present the essential qualities mentioned in this article, such as empathy, effective communication and persistence, as they are the key to success in this field.

Additionally, in-depth knowledge of the product or service and the market to establish trust. By investing in hiring commercial sellers with these qualities and knowledge, you will surely see an increase in income and a strengthening of your presence in the market. Choosing the right business salesperson will make a big difference in the long-term growth and success of the business.

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