What is a sponsor looking for in a streamer?

For some years now, sponsors have been complementing (and in some cases completely replacing) their advertising investment in general media (TV, radio, press…), which do not provide specific metrics or allow for precise segmentation of the message. The new players in the current advertising context are more precise media and channels that allow the desired audience to be measured and targeted very well, and which are perfectly connected to the way content is consumed, and this is where streaming, and its protagonists, the streamers, are essential.

The relationship of any brand with advertising is one of the key issues in its marketing and communication strategy. Reach, connect, impact, fall in love, surprise are some of the most common objectives of any brand, but to do so, they must now adapt to a new environment and above all choose the optimal speakers to achieve it.

Reach, connect, impact, fall in love, surprise are some of the most common objectives of any brand

So, what is a brand looking for in a streamer?

To answer this question, we must understand how a company defines its brand strategy, and there are 3 key elements: defining a promise, defining values, and finally, specifying its personality. These 3 elements constitute what we call the DNA of a brand.

Let’s take some examples to understand it better, VOLVO’s promise is “Safety”, it is a generally accepted idea as the brand has always been committed to this attribute as the core of its differentiation strategy.

If we talk about values, every brand must have between 3 and 5 ideas that determine its way of acting in the market, that allow us to know its way of thinking and understanding the world, there are many examples such as “sustainability”, “innovation” or “solidarity” among many others in which brands leverage to be able to present themselves.

Finally, talking about personality is the exercise of humanising the brand, if the brand were a person it would be a man or a woman, how old they would be, how they would speak, dress, express themselves… this exercise of “Brand Persona” defines the brand and allows us to focus on the tone and the way in which the brand is presented and the way in which it is presented.

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