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How to get followers on Twitch 2024? The definitive guide

Are you starting your channel on Twitch and have no idea how to gain more followers, there are certainly ways to grow your channel for free while having fun with the content. If you are interested in knowing more about it read on, we give you the definitive guide so that by adopting these small recommendations you can achieve the success you want on this new platform. Take note and let your imagination fly to attract more followers:

Offer quality content

The first thing you have to do is to offer quality content. It seems obvious, but it is not, because every day new channels and content open, but sometimes the creators of these forget that they are working for an audience or public, therefore, the material must be impeccable. That is to say, clean of errors. And how to achieve this, some will ask, it is simple, make a list of topics you want to discuss and if you need it, make a script and review it, it is not necessary that you feel read or anything like that, remember that closeness is one of the keys, however, if you are one of those who lose the thread or find it hard to concentrate, a script is always a good alternative. Take care with the image, first with your image, look natural and pleasant, sure is attractive to those who enter your channel and also denotes respect for those people who see you, take care of the camera (that it looks good, not with pixels or blur, for example), take care of the sound, that what you say is heard and that there is no interference. In principle, these are basic recommendations that you should not skip for anything in the world.

Interacting with viewers

It’s not about doing a monologue, remember that you create content for someone, so ask questions, get them to comment, give their opinion, listen, read, in short, keep them in mind, especially for your future creations. Viewers can suggest topics and ideas for twitch that are worth incorporating.

Maintain a consistent schedule

Discipline and constancy, maintaining a consistent programming, so that people know what to find and when to see you, is something that viewers value a lot. Whoever sees you is interested in something, so giving continuity and defining schedules, dates, days or programming is always important and helps to create loyalty for your channel.

Promote your channel

This is very important to get followers, some of the most effective ways are these:

Share your channel in forums

If they have to do with your subject, introduce yourself in the forum by giving your name and presenting a little of what you transmit.

Use social networks

Your social networks can be a good window for your content, promote your streamings there, invite your friends to watch them and to follow you on your channel. Also ask your friends to share the stream.

Interacts a lot with the audience

Try to make them identify with you, generate content that your audience wants to see, listen to them.

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Using Twitch tools

Twich offers many tools for you to be dynamic and striking, you can include music for twitch, put effects, create discussion boards, in short, if you explore your channel and all its tools, you will have at hand a number of alternatives with which you will surely succeed, what if you must spend time to learn to manage them and give them the correct use and application, getting the best out of them!

Be consistent

This is fundamental, you cannot appear and then disappear for periods of time that the viewer will not understand. This does not mean that you can not be absent for a while, but it must be clear, the viewer will know why you do it and for how long. Be consistent in your content, schedules or scheduled dates. Moreover, if you can, create a day that identifies you with some special content, for example, the ‘Juernes’ when we talk about Thursdays, with some cooler content and closer to the weekend. In short, make your viewers begin to identify you, that is achieved with perseverance and trial and error.

Conduct contests or sweepstakes

Undoubtedly this attracts a lot of attention in any social network, contests or sweepstakes that are easy to develop, with which people feel identified and that call for participation, are an excellent option to position yourself and also to check what viewers respond better, so you can reach more and do activities that generate more interest and therefore more interaction and therefore more views.

Collaborate with other streamers

For example, if you have a fashion or sports channel and you invite someone who specializes in a specific topic, but who also has several followers, it is likely that many of them will join your account. Doing collaborative transmissions where you touch on topics of interest, especially knowing how to choose those collaborators so that they really add up, is a clear strategy that can increase your visibility and audience on your channel. So start keeping an eye to determine who could be your next collaborators, or even who you would like to collaborate with, if you have identified them, contact them, you don’t lose anything!

You can take a look at Streamion‘s article about female streamers and Spanish streamers, maybe one of them can collaborate with you or you can find out who they are and watch their streams to get an idea of what strategies they use. And you can even see what content famous streamers like Mexican streamers and Argentinian streamers stream.

Improve audio and video quality

A quality audio and video ensure a more fluid communication, that your message comes as you want, generates a good impression to your viewers and add professionalism in the topics you deal with, so if you want to ‘capture’ more viewers, do not forget it, one of the first things you should have when you start your channel, is a good microphone and a camera that gives you a clear and clean image. Do not forget to add to this, a good tripod so that the image does not look shaky, good lighting and an environment according to your channel, nothing to be in dark or cluttered places, people want to see things that they like and with which they feel good.

Be original and innovative

Check what they are doing in other networks, and don’t do the same. On the contrary, look for reference points, but see how you can improve them. If necessary, study, see how you can enhance your content, check who your followers are and how you can create strategies to enhance your channel, do not be afraid to innovate and try new content or topics, from trial and error you also learn, the important thing is to keep learning and be aware of what works and what does not.

Buy followers on Twitch Yes or no?

First of all, it must be said that the purchase of followers violates and breaks all the rules and hiring policies, this if the purchased followers are fake and in case they are real you must be careful with the volume of purchase made. Anyway, you should know that buying followers can negatively affect your credibility or that of your brand, that is, this could affect your reputation negatively, because surely sooner rather than later your followers will realize it.

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As in any other network, getting followers on Twitch requires honesty with your audience and yourself, creativity in content creation, quality, image, sound, interaction with viewers and a lot of discipline. You don’t have to buy them, nor spend money on weird strategies. Making your channel grow depends on your strategy and the seriousness with which you take it. If you want to conquer Twicht you need perseverance and the certainty of wanting to succeed there, dedicating time and above all establishing a work plan that projects you and with which you project what you want, are the key to success.

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