Live Streaming Shopping: What it is and Why your brand needs it​

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce and digital interconnectedness, brands are striving to find innovative ways to connect with their audiences. In this context, a powerful tool emerges that has transformed the shopping experience: “live streaming shopping.” This revolutionary trend combines the immediacy of live broadcasts with the excitement of discovering and purchasing products in real time.

Today, we’ll explore what live streaming shopping is, why it has become an essential strategy for modern brands, and how it can drive interactivity, consumer trust, and most importantly, sales. Join us on this journey through the exciting intersection of technology, commerce, and human connection.

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What is Live Shopping?

“Live Shopping” is an e-commerce strategy that involves live streaming of shopping content through online platforms. In this format, sellers present products or services in real time to a virtual audience, allowing viewers to interact, ask questions and make purchases directly during the broadcast.

Live broadcasts typically take place on social media platforms, e-commerce websites, or specific live shopping apps. During the broadcast, presenters show off products, provide details, answer viewer questions, and, in many cases, offer exclusive, limited-time deals and discounts to drive sales.

Importance of Live Shopping for brands

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Live Shopping has gained popularity due to its ability to recreate the in-person shopping experience, giving consumers a more authentic connection to products and brands. This strategy also capitalizes on the growing preference for live content and interactivity in the digital environment, providing brands with an exciting new way to reach their audiences.

Interactivity in Real Time

Viewers have the opportunity to actively participate, asking questions and receiving instant answers from the presenters.

Live Product Demonstrations

Practical product demonstrations are possible, allowing consumers to see how they work in real life.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts

Merchants often offer special promotions during broadcasts to encourage impulse buying.

Instant Feedback

Real-time feedback provides sellers with immediate feedback on products and presentation.

Creation of Urgency

The real-time nature of the streams creates a sense of urgency, as deals and discounts are often temporary.

How does Live Streaming Shopping work?

Live Streaming Shopping works through live broadcasts in which sellers present products or services to an audience in real time. Here is a detailed description of how this format works:

Platform Choice

The Commercial sellers choose a Live Streaming platform to carry out their broadcasts. This will include social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, as well as platforms specialized in Live Shopping.

Transmission Scheduling

Sellers plan and announce the date and time of their broadcasts in advance. This should include promoting exclusive offers to incentivize participation.

Technical Configuration

Before the broadcast, technical setup is carried out, ensuring the quality of the video, sound and other elements necessary for an effective presentation.

Live Presentation

During the live broadcast, the presenters show and describe the products. Among the most used tools are those for performing practical demonstrations, answering questions in real time and highlighting key features.

Interaction with the Audience

Viewers have the chance to actively participate through comments, questions and votes. Salespeople respond to these interactions, creating an environment of conversation and connection.

Direct Links and Purchase in Real Time

Direct links to the products presented are provided, and viewers can make purchases directly during the broadcast. Some platforms even integrate payment systems to streamline the process.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts

To encourage engagement and impulse buying, sellers often offer exclusive deals and discounts during the stream. These offers are often time-limited to create a sense of urgency.

Instant Feedback

Real-time comments provide instant feedback on products and presentation. This allows marketers to adjust their approach in real time to meet audience needs and questions.

Post-Transmission Monitoring

After the broadcast, marketers should review performance data, such as the number of viewers, conversion rate, and engagement. This helps them evaluate the success of the transmission and plan future advertising strategies .

Best tools for Live Shopping

Instagram Live Shopping

Instagram offers a Live Shopping feature that allows users to do live streams where they can feature products and viewers can shop directly from the stream.

Facebook Live

Similar to Instagram, Facebook allows users to host live streams to showcase products. In addition, you can take advantage of the Facebook Shops integration to facilitate purchasing directly from the stream.

YouTube Live

YouTube Live is another platform where creators have done live streams to present products. Here you have the opportunity to take advantage of the video description to include direct links to your products.


Although Twitch is primarily known as a live streaming platform for gaming, it has also been successfully used for Live Shopping, especially for products related to gamer culture.

Shopify Live Shopping

Shopify, an e-commerce platform, has added features for Live Shopping. You’ll be able to integrate live streams directly into your Shopify store and make purchasing easier during the stream.


CommentSold is a platform designed specifically for live social trading. It allows retailers to conduct live broadcasts across various platforms and facilitates interaction and direct purchasing from comments.


Bambuser is a Live Video Shopping platform that offers tools to go live, interact with your audience, and facilitate real-time shopping.


Buywith is another specialized Live Shopping platform that provides tools to host live broadcasts and promote viewer participation.

Jebbit Live

Jebbit Live focuses on user engagement during live broadcasts, allowing brands to engage their audience with questions and polls while introducing products.

¿Cómo hacer un Live Streaming Shopping? Pasos  

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Step 1

Define your Objectives and Audience. Before you begin, clearly identify your goals. Do you want to increase the B2B sales , make your brand viral, build the early adopters of a brand or launch new products? Additionally, know your target audience to adapt your content to their interests and needs. In case your intention is to make your brand viral, I recommend that you read the article: What is user generated content

Step 2

Choose the Live Shopping platform that best suits your needs and the audience you want to reach. Options may include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or other specialized Live Shopping platforms.

Step 3

Content Planning. Prepare a script or plan for the live broadcast. Highlight the products you will show, prepare demos, and decide how they will encourage interaction with the audience. Plan special offers or discounts to encourage participation.

Step 4

Make sure you have the right technical setup. Check the video and sound quality. Make sure you have a stable internet connection. Familiarize yourself with the platform’s features, such as adding direct links or graphics.

Step 5

Before the broadcast, build anticipation by promoting your event. Announce the date and time on your social networks, website and other communication channels. Use eye-catching images and messages that highlight the benefits of joining the broadcast.

Step 6

Greets the spectators and welcomes. Presents products enthusiastically. Respond to audience comments and questions in real time. Highlight key features and offer relevant details.

Step 7

Include direct links to products or use in-platform shopping features so viewers can make purchases quickly and easily.

Step 8

Incentivize purchases with exclusive offers or special discounts for viewers of the broadcast. Establish a sense of urgency for viewers to take advantage of offers during the event.

Step 9

After the broadcast: Thank viewers for participating. Review performance metrics and data. Collect feedback and evaluate the effectiveness of the broadcast.

Step 10

Analyze the results, collect feedback and adjust your strategy for future broadcasts. Continuous improvement is key to long-term success.

Remember to adapt these steps to your specific needs and the platform you choose. Authenticity and interaction are key elements for successful Live Streaming Shopping. Have fun and connect with your audience!

Consejos para implementar un Live Shopping en marcas

Know your Audience

Understand your target audience to adapt the content of your broadcasts to their interests and needs.

Strategic planning

Define clear goals for each broadcast, whether it’s driving sales, increasing brand awareness, or introducing new products.


Encourage interaction in real time. Respond to comments, questions and engage with your audience to build a stronger connection.

Highlights Benefits and Feature

Showcase the key benefits and features of your products in a clear and exciting way. Consider practical demonstrations.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts

Offer incentives to shop during the stream, such as exclusive discounts, gifts with purchase, or access to products before the general public.

Create Urgency

Set limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency and motivate viewers to make impulse purchases.

Successful examples of Live Streaming Shopping

Alibaba’s Singles’ Day Gala

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, hosts a massive livestream event every year during Singles’ Day. This event, also known as the “11.11 Global Shopping Festival”, features celebrities, live performances and Live Shopping sessions that generate multi-million dollar sales in real time.

Amazon Live

Amazon has implemented its Live Shopping platform, where sellers can host live broadcasts to present products. This platform allows viewers to purchase directly from the stream, integrating the shopping experience with live content.

Nike’s Sneaker Unboxing

Nike has done live streams on platforms like Instagram to introduce new sneaker releases. These streams allow followers to see products in detail, ask questions in real time, and make purchases.

Dior’s Fashion Shows

Luxury fashion brands like Dior have used Live Streaming to broadcast fashion shows in real time. This not only creates excitement around new products but also offers an exclusive experience to the online audience.

Benefits of Live Streaming Shopping

Interactivity in Real Time

It allows direct, two-way communication with customers, increasing interactivity and strengthening connection.

Trust Building

The presence of a real presenter and the ability to answer questions in real time helps build trust and credibility among viewers.

Sales increase

The combination of live presentations, product demonstrations and exclusive offers can generate a significant boost in sales.

Emotional Connection

It facilitates emotional connection with the audience by showcasing brand authenticity and allowing viewers to see products in action.

Instant Feedback

Provides immediate feedback on products and marketing strategies, allowing real-time adjustments based on audience responses.

Improved Shopping Experience

It offers a more immersive and exciting shopping experience by allowing customers to view, inquire and purchase products in real time.

Differentiation in the Market

By adopting a Live Shopping strategy, brands can stand out in a competitive market and offer a unique way to interact with customers.

Increased Brand Visibility

Live streams are often featured on platforms, increasing brand visibility and reach.

Disadvantages of Live Streaming Shopping

Successful implementation of Live Streaming Shopping requires good technical infrastructure, including high-quality streaming equipment and a stable Internet connection. Live broadcasts require meticulous planning. Brands must spend time preparing content, coordinating presenters, and ensuring smooth execution. The live nature of broadcasts means that errors, misunderstandings or unforeseen events can occur, which could affect brand perception. The success of Live Shopping often depends on the active participation of the audience. If participation is low, the results may not be as positive. Live streams compete with pre-recorded content on platforms, and some consumers may prefer the flexibility of consuming content on their own schedule.

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In conclusion, Live Streaming Shopping represents an exciting evolution in the way brands interact with their audiences and promote products in the digital environment. As technology and connectivity continue to advance, this strategy offers a number of benefits, but also poses challenges that must be carefully addressed. For brands, Live Streaming Shopping provides a unique opportunity to build stronger connections with consumers, showcasing products in real time, answering questions directly, and creating more immersive shopping experiences. Interactivity, authenticity and the possibility of offering exclusive offers are key elements that contribute to the success of this strategy. However, brands should be aware of potential drawbacks, such as the need for technical resources, competition with pre-recorded content, and reliance on active audience participation. Careful planning, adaptability, and effective management of live streams are essential to overcoming these challenges. For consumers, Live Streaming Shopping offers a more interactive and personalized shopping experience, allowing them to actively participate during broadcasts and make informed purchasing decisions. However, it is important for consumers to be aware of the potential pressure to make quick decisions and the need for a stable Internet connection for an optimal experience. Ultimately, Live Streaming Shopping represents an exciting and dynamic way to approach e-commerce, giving brands and consumers a unique platform to connect, learn and shop in real time. As this strategy continues to evolve, it will be interesting to watch how brands leverage this tool to improve the online shopping experience and strengthen their relationships with their audiences. Discover the future of streaming with Streamion! Immerse yourself in an unparalleled live streaming experience, where innovation and ease of use come together in one place. With Streamion, taking your events, presentations or live content to the next level is easier than ever. Our intuitive platform gives you powerful tools to personalize your stream, engage with your audience in real time, and increase your brand visibility. From advanced streaming features to a full suite of engagement tools, Streamion is your partner in creating impactful, authentic experiences. Make every moment count with Streamion and take your streams to new heights!

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