Times changes

This phrase is true despite its overuse. And this is especially true in this century, which is characterized by a tsunami of information at all levels and global control over this information. Social networks, hyperconnectivity, and technological progress shape and mold our thoughts, needs, and behaviors.

We’re in a critical battle for attention. The abundance of information leads to a lack of attention, and this generation is constantly harassed with advertising messages and real-time information flows.

And in the midst of this catharsis, a new phenomenon is emerging, the Stream Generation. A generation that has arrived to empower the audience, to make decisions and reject the established status quo. This generation is breaking through and establishing a new paradigm.

Generation Stream 

Millennials were the first generation that could be described as global. A generation that shared values and interests and in which there are no language barriers or differences between countries, unlike previous generations, where such barriers did exist.

Generation Z can be considered the most interracial generation and although it is also the generation of the immediate and of the loss of attention span, it is also the generation of incorformism and solidarity.

But beyond talking about Millenials or Generation Z, Generation Stream is made up of an intergenerational group with no barriers of age, gender, culture, or race. These don’t exist. There are not even demographic barriers. 

They are connected by a single common interest, their true passion for streaming.

We are talking about more than just watching shows, following a channel, or consuming a particular piece of content; it is the importance of building bonds with the community, the value of personal connections and the opportunity to generate conversations. All of these factors that extend the user experience and provide differentiation are the keys to understanding this new phase.

Another common trait shared by all of this Stream Generation is that they are defining and shaping what the entertainment of the future will be, and what we will see and consume in the coming years. They are (RE)inventing the world to come.

In short, the Generation Stream, more than a demographic or audience segment, is represented by a multigenerational movement that is defining the what, the how, the where, and the when of what we will see in the future.

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